Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Samsul Rizal
    Rector of Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia
  • Prof. Dr. Marwan
    Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Agussabti
    Vice Rector II for Financial Affairs
  • Dr. Alfiansyah B.C
    Vice Rector III for Alumnae and Student Affairs
  • Dr. Hizir
    Vice Rector IV for Planning, Cooperation, and Community Affairs
  • Dr. Taufiq Saidi
    Dean of Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr. Taufik F. Abidin
    Head of Institute for Research and Community Services
  • 88-512

    Organizing Committee

  • Head of Civil Engineering Department / General Chair
    Dr. Teuku Budi Aulia, ST, Dipl. Ing

  • Secretary of Civil Engineering Department / General Co. Chair
    Dr. Noer Fadhly, ST, MT

  • General Chair Person / Conference Chair
    Dr. Yusria Darma, ST, M.Eng.Sc

  • Secretary
    Nora Abdullah, ST, M.Eng.Sc

  • Treasurer and Finance Committee
    Dr. Halida Yunita, ST, MT

  • Publicity and Promotion Chair
    Dr. Munira Sungkar, ST, MT

  • Secretariat and Correspondence Chair
    Dr. Yulia Hayati, ST, M.Eng

  • Secretariat and Correspondence Co. Chair
    Mubarak, ST, MT

  • Transportation & Accommodation
    Cut Mutiawati, ST, MT

  • Sponsorship Committee
    Surya Bermansyah, ST, MT

  • Venue Manager
    Purwandy Hasibuan, ST, M.Eng

  • 88-512

    Secretariat and Correspondence Committee

  • Dr. Cut Zukhrina Oktaviani, ST, MT
  • Zahra Amalia, ST, M.Eng
  • Juliana Fisaini, ST, MT